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About the Podcast

Roots Radio
Welcome to Roots Radio...a podcast about sharing experiences with those battling ALS.

The overarching goal of Roots Radio is to strengthen and comfort the ALS Community through the sharing of experiences lived by its members. On our podcast, we will hear from those diagnosed with ALS, as well as from caregivers, doctors, researchers, and more.

Here at Roots Radio we believe that each of us are rooted in our core experiences and attributes from which we can gain strength to face adversity. We think about the roots of a tree as our grounding principals that symbolize those parts of our lives that are not touched or weakened by ALS.

Lenny is a patient advocate for those patients and caregivers living with ALS. He was diagnosed with ALS in July of 2019. Jessie is a social worker who has the privilege of working with the ALS Community.

Together we are Roots Radio.

If you would like to participate in our project please reach out to us at rootsradioALS@gmail.com